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Community Care Management

This cloud-based and EMR-agnostic tool empowers your organisation to efficiently manage patients – despite complex care continuums – through simplified and automated care management processes. This solution includes:

CarePort Connect

CarePort Connect assists your clinicians in managing patients across post-acute care settings with real-time data and alerts.

CarePort Insight

This solution evaluates your patients’ outcomes and provides post-acute provider performance metrics.

Care Director

Care Director helps your clinicians manage high-risk patients while capturing data to measure improvements in the care process and patient outcomes. With this tool, acute, ambulatory and post-acute facilities can better allocate resources and appropriately coordinate care to close gaps and reduce preventable readmissions.

Care Coordination Agent

Care Coordination Agent delivers patient-prioritised care plans at the point of care, within the native workflow of your physicians and with actionable care team notes and notifications of task completions.

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