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The dbMotion™ Solution aggregates and harmonises data from disparate sources, then delivers it in an actionable format. We connect EMRs from a range of vendors to create a complete patient record. Your providers gain comprehensive information, delivered at the point of care and within their native and familiar workflow.

dbMotion Agent

With dbMotion Agent, your clinicians no longer have to search for patient information outside of their native EMR—it comes directly to them. When new information shows up in the wider community record, dbMotion Agent alerts the user so he or she can view and assess the information. Your clinicians can then easily add the valuable, new information to their own EMR, giving them the resources they need to make the best clinical decisions and deliver the highest quality of care.

dbMotion Collaborate

This web-based functionality provides your clinical teams a broader, customisable view of their patients—within their day-to-day workflow. You can view and filter patient lists, based on provider-specified criteria for encounters, clinical documents, imaging and labs for a single patient or for multiple patients. dbMotion Collaborate is designed to assist your providers as they transition from paper-based to electronic medical records.

dbMotion Clinical Viewer

dbMotion Clinical Viewer can connect clinical information systems from a range of vendors—Epic, Cerner, Intersystems, Best Practice, Allscripts and others—to create the most comprehensive patient record. With this tool, your providers are one click away from a clinical data repository that offers the complete picture they need to make the most informed clinical decisions, in the exam room and at the bedside.

Clinical Analytics Gateway

Our Clinical Analytics Gateway (CAG) allows your organisation to use the broad-based analytics strategy of your choosing. With CAG, clinical analytics are built upon harmonised data, then aggregated across the connected community to enable better population management and risk assessment.

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